Monday, July 04, 2016

Rainy days

Hello it’s me again popping in after another long silence 
What have I been up to?
 Well not a lot really just more of the same looking after my soon to be 90 year old Dad bless him 
I am also nursing a burst blood vessel in my eye at the moment I think it was all that sewing I say with a smile 
The weather has been so wet here in the UK over the last couple of weeks that going outside doing the usual summer things was just not an option
 so I got the sewing machine out & dusted it off First I did some digitizing & hope to perfect the tea cosy pattern into machine embroidered version 
see below
I also run up this table runner for my dressing table

did just stipes for a change & was really happy with the outcome
sorry pictures are not as good as usual but the gloomy weather has made the light so poor

Talking about the rain we had 20 ton of stone put on our 1/2 mile drive on a bad area & two days after we put it down we had the most torrential thunder storm & it washed most off it all down the village