Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Uses for Vintage Linen

I am sure we all have some vintage linen around the house

I have quite a large collection of linen & embroidery and it was mostly tucked away in a boxes out of site

Its such a shame not to make use of them so I got a little creative with a few items from my collection
a little hand embroidered cloth I turned into a cute little Crochet hook holder

I made the inside with a piece of calico folded at the bottom I then sewed lines if  stitches to form the little pockets
  then added a piece of ribbon for the tie

Crochet hook holder_640a

What a great use for a little tray cloth
Another great use for old tray clothes is below
I used sections of this pretty daisy embroidered cloth and incorporated them into these little cushions

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