Sunday, February 15, 2015

It’s my Birthday

 It’s my Birthday today I have arrived at a big mile stone 60
I only wish my Mum was here to share it with me this is the first Birthday without her
Well this year has had a lot of firsts since mum passed on Good Friday last year
I so missed her early morning phone call this morning and her singing happy birthday down the phone
I don’t really want to celebrate my birthday but to give thanks to my Mum who brought me into the world one snowy February morning in 1955 poor mum had a really bad bout of flu at the time & the snow was so deep Dad had to walk to get the midwife and help her through the drifts carrying her bag!
 I was born eventually after a few anxious moments  when the midwife realized I had the cord wrapped around my neck twice Mum said she was told not to do the wallpapering a couple of weeks before the birth LOL but she was a girl after my own heart and I would have done the same
The first few days of my life Mum had to nurse me wearing a surgical mask as not to pass the flue onto me
Thank you Mum for nurturing & caring for me always making sure I was fed & clothed even if it meant you had to go without
Thank you for all the Christmas & Birthday gifts you ever brought me even though sometimes I was a moody cow because I never got what I wanted!
I understand I am now that parent and I am so trying my best to look after Dad for you he is so difficult and lacks the love patients & understanding that you did
But I will do my best
Because I love you 

Hugs Pam 


  1. Sending you love on such a bitter sweet day x

  2. Happy Birthday Pam...I'm sending lots of hugs for you!

  3. Belated birthday wishes Pam. I have just found you for the first time and I had to do the calculations: I was only 51 (a month short of 52) when my Mom died. I do think those same things as you've written about my Mother. We have many memories to remember them by.
    Mary in Oregon -

    1. Thank you Mary for the Birthday wishes & kind words,
      We miss our Moms so much, everyone with an aging Mom should spend all the time they can with them Its to late once they are gone.