Sunday, December 21, 2014

Freemotion Embroidery

After going to a free-motion embroidery class last month & using a nice new Bernina 350
that will stitch almost right up the side of the embroidery hoop
I Was looking at purchasing one to do my free-motion embroidery on
they are a bit pricey at £900 + 
I was going to keep it just for free-motion use!
Then I remembered how I used to use my Brother industrial machine with no foot attached
with surprisingly good results
but I got rid of that machine a couple of years back

My old Brother industrial machine


My Janome 6600P was a replacement for my Brother industrial
but you just cant get right to the edge of the hoop because of all the gubbins behind the needle


Then I remembered my old 1952 Singer 99K that was a hand cranked model
I managed to get a second hand motor from a well known action site
and carefully fitted it my the machine
 I removed the foot & off I went freehand 
it sews just perfect without a foot at all & you can get right up tight to the hoop

One thing you cant do is drop the feed dogs
so I used my Supreme slider sheet it covers the dogs perfectly
I saved myself a load of money I wont be purchasing a new Bernina
laughing all the way to the bank! LOL

Just Finished this one of our house 
thank you Singer 99K

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