Monday, April 14, 2014

Antics from the sewing room

Its been a long time since i made myself clothes 
and gone are the days when i could purchase a size 14 pattern & it would fit perfect
now 59 and with my widening top half & large 36ff cup I found much to my dismay that patterns just don't fit anymore
My first attempt was with a stretch jersey fabric
 I found it was quite forgiving around the bust I mostly used my overlocker/Serger  to construct this one,
my over-locker really has not been used to its full potential in the past but i think I will be using it more over the next few months
For my first Tunic I use Simplicity 1916 and made version D
I enjoyed making this one & mastering easing of the neck band so it fits snugly
here I am in the spring sunshine squinting with the sun in my eyes

 This is the pattern used

 I am really happy with the outcome of my first tunic
New Look Pattern
My Second is my Easter Blouse 
 New Look pattern 6407 version D with collar from B
Now this was an new experience as the pattern was so poorly fitting on me
the shoulders & above bust were much to large and I had to resort to trawling YouTube to ways to resolve in the end i had to use the size 14 shoulders to underarm level and shamefully the size 20 for bust & below using my french curve
I managed to make a new bodice pattern that fits quite nicely but I suppose a professional might think other

I made version D collar but it was huge & I did not like it at all so used the little stand up collar from Version B instead
 I was sewing the button holes and got to the last one & machine has a hissy fit & miss formed the last button hole so i carefully unpicked it with no ill effects on the blouse
I did alter the sleeve edging as the included edge was rather wide & not at all pretty I made a narrower version & its much nicer

 New Look pattern 6407 Blouse
the collar was rather 70s

I will be using this pretty fabric for the next one and will be making D again

watch this space


  1. Your tops both look so nice! I keep saying I want to try to make some clothes but I've not got brave enough yet. One of these days! :0)

  2. You're brave - conquering the clothing patterns. You did a good job!