Sunday, March 30, 2014

The miracle before Mothers Day

I have not been around a lot as lately
My lovely Mum has been so poorly with diabetes and had a pace maker fitted two weeks ago.

On Tuesday she was rushed back in with a diabetic hypo as we thought!
I phoned & they said all was well When Dad and I  finally got to see her Wednesday we where so shocked at what we saw doctor & nurses around Mums bed & they said can you get her to respond to you as they could not,
Dad was in tears he is in his mid 80s & is lost without Mum,
Mum looked so poorly eyes closed & non responsive!
Doctor said she has had a stroke! how could this be that's not what she came in for
I held her hand and I leaned over her put my face close to hers & said Mum her eyes opened but did not focus & closed again soon after we sat for hours with much the same response & the occasional groan we had to leave for home at the end of the day so I brought dad to stay at our house so he was not alone.


We went in & mum had her eyes open & could focus imagine our joy,
 Dad shed yet more tears & had to leave the room a few times to compose himself
 Drips in both arms & tube up nose feeding her,
Mums voice was trying hard to come back she could not get the words out & was frustrated & agitated.


Mum was looking better eyes open & she could say words but it soon became apparent things were still amiss when she started pointing to the wall & saying look at those lovely white cottages along the shore  and the sea is so blue! And look at the pretty tree with the lovely bluebird in it that was a table with a blue folder on it then there was the little train going around another patients bed!
I get nurse to take mums blood sugar levels at this stage but all was well so I think she was just getting tired we left for the night


Much the same brought mum two new nighties to pretty her up a little

 Mothers Day
Sat up in bed new nighty on feeding tube out most of the drips out smiling & talking
She had walked to the bathroom drip in tow a little unsteady but she did it
Had a cup of tea & ate some food still a way to go but a miracle
I just hope tomorrow will be another great day

Happy Mothers Day Mum
Love You


  1. Wow! It sounds like your mum might be making quite the recovery! That's amazing! Happy Mother's Day! :0)

  2. Good to hear your Mum is getting better. Even the smallest of improvements can bring joy!