Monday, January 20, 2014


I only ever wanted long hair! 
and some front teeth so I could smile

I remember so well having this picture taken at School I must have been about seven or eight
My class mates all lined up taking it in turn to sit in front of the big canvas painted with a amateur country scene to have our photo's taken
All that rang through my head was what my mum said to me that morning
Don't forget to Keep your mouth closed when you smile 
I can recall the rest of the classes laughter as the photographer tried his hardest to make me smile
Would the picture have been better with a toothless grin
I don't think so because for a moment of embarrassment I saved  many years of titters when any one saw this old photo sporting a toothless smile!
And yes I can smile
But maybe I hear those words every time I'm near a camera

PS and I have teeth! LOL


  1. Those toothless grin pictures are some of my favorites of my kids! :0)

  2. Hi Terry.
    I was thinking & I don't think I have any of my kids with teeth missing! I don't know why must have some somewhere I will have to have a rummage in the photos.

    Pam {:0)