Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wonderful 1930's Petticoat fabric with a wonderful story behind it

                                     This is available in our vintage fabric Etsy store

This is for Half a Yard by 33” wide
I have this pretty war time fabric with a wonderful story behind it
This fabric was purchased by my Mum in law in the throes’ of WW2 when she was a young lass living on her family farm.

Story goes that an elderly lady used to call around the farms peddling her wares for whatever a farming family would give in exchange! food was a good bargaining tool as farms usually had plenty in those times of rationing.

Some assorted fabrics were acquired on that day along with a dinner service that someone earlier down the line had swapped it went swiftly into MIL’s bottom draw and she still has it today!

This fabric was destined for a petticoat or two but as MIL said she had little time for making things due to her farm duties so the pretty undies never got made.

As you can see it is the lightest sheer cotton I have ever seen & so pretty it has got a pencil line that goes the whole length of the fabric see last picture that is on the top layer but should wash out
The fabric is 33” wide
I am selling this in ½ yard lengths
I do have a 2 ½ yard length so if you want more than ½ yard it will be sent as one piece

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