Sunday, May 05, 2013

Latest from the craft room

I stitched this one out over the last couple of days
it is from my Jane Austen embroidery pattern I have been working on
it has sections of applique that you can chose to add 
I have used applique on just the bodice on this example you can even fabric paint sections
let your imagination go wild!
as you can probably see i am not the greatest hand embroider with just a few stitched under my belt but it was really relaxing stitching this one out, 
I even sat in the garden for a while yesterday happily stitching away to the sound of bird song
It is May bank holiday here in the UK & the weather is looking good so I am off to enjoy a little gardening now
Have a great weekend


  1. That is very pretty! I like how you've combined the fabric and the embroidery - very nice!

  2. I love hand embroidery! Yours looks wonderful! :0)