Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Look site

Hello all
It has been a while I have been so tired due to the lambing & not feeling too well the whole family & myself have had a really bad bout of something flue like over the last couple of weeks,
It could not have come at a worse time right in the middle of lambing time & to put the top hat on it all we had the worst snow in years & a tractor that decided its clutch was extinct and we had to wait over a week for the repair  as the poor garage staff had also succumbed to the dreaded flue bug!
I felt really bad about that as I think hubby had given it to them! 
I have got a new Look to our website Here for any one interested it is still in its early days & has a blog section built in

I wont pretend I know what I am doing as it is a WP driven site & a first for me but I am learning as I go and any tips welcome!

I will be posting a few free digital collage sheets on the blog & site each week
Ending this post on a happy note 
its goodbye from him & its goodbye from me
until next time

I just had to add this
Our swallows are back today!
this is always a sign of warmer weather


  1. What a sweet little face! Thanks for your comment on my pincushions! You're still coming up as a no-reply blogger so I couldn't reply to you directly.

  2. Hi Terry.
    i hope it is fixed now, as far as I can tell it was being caused by being on a Google+ account