Saturday, January 19, 2013

So Cold

I cant begin to tell you how cold it is here in Herefordshire
I took these pictures this morning as yesterday it was like a blizzard the wind was whipping up the snow & blowing it everyware
It was so bad you could not open your eyes & had to turn your head away from the wind as it hurt 
we resulted to wearing eye protectors that you use for DIY as this was the only way to see

Thankfully the wind has died today & snow has stopped
but we are left with very icy conditions the snow has a crisp crust on the top
and ware the wheels of the farm vehicle have been it is so slipy you have to step back onto the fresh snow to get grip

This is hubby feeding some of the sheep
We have a large polly tunnel especially for sheep but when it snows it gets a bit scary as the snow settles on the top we often have to throw a rope over and try and dislodge the build up in case of collapse LOL

One of our farm cats that always follows me around 
she just loves the snow 

Until next time
Keep Warm

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  1. I'm glad the snow has stopped for you now. Be careful out there!