Monday, December 03, 2012

Embroidered Carte Postale

Embroidered Carte Postale

I stumbled across the most wonderful site that sells really individual embroidery designs
it is called Urban threads I just had to purchase a handful to try and as you can see by my first finished item the designs are just stunning.
the designs are sort of steam punk and way out in a nice sort of way and even though I am an old bird I find myself pleasantly pulled towards the designs.
They also give the most in-depth tutorials and instructions on stitching the designs and also what to make with them
 If you enjoy embroidery with a difference I think you will really love what you see on the Urban Threads stitch punk blog

This is my first project made from a Urban Threads design
made using the Parisian Love Letter    Design Pack
don't you think it looks great!

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